Welcome at villa Mediterranea !

This modern detached villa with private pool offers a unique opportunity to stay in a luxury villa at only 5 minutes walking distance to one of the most beautiful beaches of Vinaros. The villa sleeps 8 and offers 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The villa has a garage and a private garden with pool, terrace and BBQ area. Restaurants and supermarket are within 300 meters. Bus connection to town also at 300 meters. Big supermarkets like Carrefour, HyperSimply, Aldi and Lidl within 5 minutes drive. The center of Vinaros with its fantastic new boulevard and historic town center is only 5 minutes drive away as well.

What to do during your holiday in Vinaròs ?

The indoor market in the center of Vinaros allows you discover a unique space to buy fresh food, like fruit, veggies but also fish.
Built in 1929 on the site of the former convent of San Telmo it's an architectural curiosity not to be missed. Open: Every day from 8 am to 1.30 pm and from 6 pm to 9.30 pm, except on Saturday evening. Location: Plaza San Agustín.

The Outdoor Market On Thursday morning is located on the promenade (Paseo Maritimo). Hours: Thursday from 10 am to 2 pm.

La Ermita: A few miles from the centre, do visit La Ermita de la Misericordia and San Sebastian (Hermitage of San Sebastian). This chapel, built in 1499 was an important place of pilgrimage in the sixteenth century. There you enjoy a breathtaking view of Vinaròs and the surroundings. Directions: From the centre, follow the Avenida Maria Auxilliadora to the hermitage (about 6km).

The sea, creeks (Calas) and the beaches. Of course, you will enjoy the many beaches and coves of Vinaròs. It is also possible to rent a boat for a tour. For example, Columbretes islands archipelago of four volcanic islands located 55km from the coast. Renowned for its exceptional underwater flora and fauna.
Directions: Buenaventura del mar offers tours or boat rentals. Tel: 608 048 948.

The coast of Vinaros offers several beaches. At the North coast you will find the beautiful coves like; Deveses, Timbes, Llanetes,  Canyes and the most beautiful, the Cala Forada. Slightly away from the city, they offer a more relaxed setting. Closer towards the city center there are; Triador and Pinar, and the largest creek "Cala Barbiguera" (nearest to Villa Mediterranea). Finally, the city center offers the longest sand beaches

For sports enthusiasts there is a sailing club, a multi sports hall, tennis club, squash courts, a heated public pool and a soccer field.

According to Spanish festive culture, the nights are animated. Several bars and nightclubs live to the rhythm of youth of all countries.

Near Vinaròs there are some remarkable small towns and places more inland.
San Mateo: Village of 2000 inhabitants with a well-preserved historic center. There are many religious monuments there: It used to be a refuge for a small community of Cathars, mainly in the fourteenth century.

Traiguera: Do not miss the Real Santuario de Nuestra Señora de la Fuente de la Salud, religious monument visited by many popes. You can enjoy typical local cuisine in Capellans restaurant. Follow the N-232 to the entrance of the village.

The Ebro Delta: The biggest and most powerful Spanish river flowing into the Mediterranean at 50 km from Vinaròs, forming a peninsula giving birth to beautiful scenery, comparable to the French Camargue renowned for its rich animal and plant life. Lovers of tranquility and natural beauty, hikers, cyclists, this is the place to be. It's sheer paradise for bird watchers.

Peñiscola / Peniscola: Renowned seaside resort, which preserved its old fortified centre built on a peninsula. The beautifully preserved authentic character of the historic citadel, crowned by a castle fortress of the fourteenth century, is located on an imposing rock gushing from the sea to a height of 64 meters. This and the nearby natural park of Sierra de Irta, makes this a most enjoyable visit.

Morella: Located 63km (about an hour) from Vinaròs, this "city-monument" is a fortress. It is surrounded by a 2km long wall built in the Middle Ages, and on top you'll find a huge castle. Take the opportunity to make a detour to the Santuario de las Balmas dug into the rock, not far from Morella.

Excursions (for a full day): Poblet Monastery. This Cistercian abbey, one of the largest and most complete, surrounding the church which was built in the twelfth century. Associated with a fortified royal residence and home to the pantheon of the kings of Catalonia and Aragon, it impresses with its majestic severity. (world heritage of UNESCO).

Port Aventura: World famous amusement and theme Park near Tarragona. At Port Aventura you will meet all famous characters from the Universal Studios movies like Shrek, The Pink Panther, Popeye, Woody Woodpecker, Betty Boop ... All ages will spend an unforgettable day! Hours: 10am to 8pm or 10am to 12pm depending on the day (Tel: 977 77 90 90). To get there: Take the motorway towards Barcelona, take exit 35, Salou, Port Aventura (about 1 hour from Vinaros).

City of Valencia: Take the opportunity and go visit one of the prettiest towns in Spain, with its old well preserved city centre combined with a modern and breathtaking architecture. 1h 30 m from Vinaros via the A7 motorway.

Gastronomy in Vinaros: Vinaros has always been a
fishermen's village, where seafood and local specialties come natural. The originality of its cuisine reflects its location: It's on the border of two Spanish communities Valencia and Catalonia and thus draws much of Catalan cuisine into the Valencian gastronomy. Many restaurants are full of varied and creative recipes like; arroseixat (rice preparation, sweet potatoes, rock fish and seafood, seasoned with onions and saffron); xuquet de peix (fish stew); Valencian paella (with seafood). Local specialties like "llagosti" represent a true gastronomic signature of the region. These tasty lobsters stimulate creative chefs. An example ?
Cold soup with kiwi and pepino (kind of melon with
cucumber taste, combined with lobster and tomato soup !
Furthermore you'll find artichokes, oysters, date mussels, mussels, shrimp, lobster ... these region's products are particularly popular.

Festivals and traditions:

San Antonio (January 17). At Vinaros, New Year is celebrated rather late ! The event for the blessing of animals and huge fireworks.

San Sebastián (January 20). For this religious festival, participants go on pilgrimage throughout the day to the chapel of the Misericordia.

El Carnaval (February). Every year the carnival in Vinaros welcome several thousands of visitors. The highlight of the year and an event in itself, which fully justifies a stay in Vinaros !

Semana Santa y Pascua Resurrección (April).
During the Holy Week, lots of religious processions take place.

Fiestas y Feria de Sant Joan and Sant Pere (from 24 to 30 June).

For a week, the whole community lives to the rhythm of the
Vinaros festivals. What's on the agenda ? Sport, games, as well as bullfights and concerts.

The Virgen del Carmen (July 16). This festival dedicated to the saint of the fishermen, is the opportunity of a great naval procession. The boats are adorned with decorations, before joining at large.

lobster feast (August). Taking advantage of the summer season in Spain, this touristic festival lasts almost a whole month. It thus allows holiday makers to taste the local lobster, symbol of the famous cuisine of Vinaros.


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